Human Rights Workshop

During the past four years we have organised and run over 160 human rights education workshops in the UK in Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish and English. Each series of is 12 to 15 workshops and covers the Introduction and all 30 of the human rights. People attending have been from all walks of life.

Feedback has been truly great with people expressing how they handle life and people differently and sharing their wins on Facebook pages. One young man from a Middle Eastern country confided in the workshop leader that he had been having a really tough time with his mother and sister and girlfriend. But then he realised how macho and controlling he was being and said, "I've been treating my family like property." One of the workshop leaders stunned his grown up daughter after leading a series of workshops. She told him, "Dad, I can't believe how much you've changed."

Workshops for learning human rights and ‘learning to lead’ human rights workshops

So we can reach as many people as possible we need to train trainers who will expand the human rights education. Our online course teaches the human rights for people who are not close enough to participate in a live series of human rights education workshops. This course is validated by IAOTS, the International Association of Online Training Standards. When you complete and pass the online course you will receive your IAOTS Certificate.

Trainer training workshops will be held in the UK initially but a strong demand backed by commitments from potential sponsors would enable us to travel to your location and deliver an intensive five day series of workshops leading to an internationally recognised qualification.

Ideally a project like this comes with a commitment by the government agency or other institution to provide funding for the group of trained human rights trainers to continue to deliver human rights education to colleagues one session a week. Morning and afternoon sessions mean the trainers can be teaching human rights 10 sessions per week. If each series is completed in 15 sessions, a trainer could teach the human rights course to 150 to 200 colleagues so a group of 15 trainers would be educating 2,250 to 3,000 people in three to four months.

In this way, over a few months, large numbers could learn about human rights and how to be sure they are respecting those rights in their working and family life.

Contact us about professional training for teachers in English, French, Farsi and Turkish.