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What are your rights? – What are my rights?

Human rights education starts with “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family [as] the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world” – from the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please see the online course on this website for the true meanings of key words.

non religious & non-political organisation

Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education is a non-profit, non religious and non-political organisation that educates people about human rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We all have the same rights. That’s what “universal” means. When I know human rights that protects you, and if you know human rights that protects me.

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Peaceful Planet - Human Rights Education

This site provides simple, straightforward educational materials to enable anyone to know and understand what human rights are, why they are important and how to share them with others. It will show you:

  • How to create peace in your world
  • How to be valued as a unique human being with respect and dignity
  • What your 30 Human Rights are
  • How to make sure your Human Rights are respected
  • How to protect the Human Rights of others
  • How to ask for help with human rights education in your city, region or country

How to Use This Website

On this site you can watch 30 short videos, one for each of the 30 Articles, learn about human rights, download classroom materials for teaching human rights to children or learn human rights using our online course. You can read the classroom materials in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish Sorani, Turkish and Urdu, as well as English. You can also train as a human rights trainer and even start a new career.

Universal Declaration
of Human Rights

In 1948, the nations of the world agreed and signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the UDHR). They wanted it taught in all schools in all countries. Has this happened in your country? Probably not! All governments must do this one thing. It will make the world a safer, more peaceful and more tolerant home for humanity.

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Peaceful Planet programmes on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are for everyone. The teaching and learning takes place in community centres, schools, places of worship, coffee shops and homes – in fact, wherever people gather to learn more about themselves and their world. Our purpose is to have a planet where human rights awareness creates a sense of calm, peace and tolerance.