Our aim is to create networks of community-based human rights education trainers across the language communities we serve on this website. Certified Peaceful Planet Human Rights Educators deliver the PowerPoint series of 8 to 10 workshops in their mother tongue. These can be done intensively in a week, or daily, or weekly. After completing the workshops, on zoom or in person, the participants study the online course, Know Your Human Rights. On completion, they receive a certificate. This makes them a certified Peaceful Planet Human Rights Educator and they can deliver the series of workshops to others.

Peaceful Planet provides human rights education for everyone from 7 years old to adult. The seconday school course, What are Human Rights, is specifially translated into English, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi, and Urdu. Also coming soon in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Chinese. Hindi and Bengali are in preparation. The primary school ebooklet is available in English only at the moment but other languages will be available. The language app translates the entire website, including the Know Your Human Rights course into several languages.