Note: The language selector on the menu, based on Google translate, automatically translates the entire website, including the Know Your Human Rights course into several languages. Some of the translations are better than others.

Our immediate Objectives are

To create networks of community-based and schools-based human rights educators across the language communities we serve on this website, particularly the language communities of the Middle East.

To connect with schools and community groups to educate children about human rights.

To connect with groups to create community initiatives to improve the human rights in their country to resolve difficulties between countries, communities, and ethnicities, based on the human rights principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  


We provide human rights education for everyone from 7 years old to adult. The materials on this website are free to use but must not be altered and original branding and origin must be maintained and acknowledged. We provide consultancy and project development and management services for major projects.

Download the illustrated elementary school pdf booklets – Human Rights for Children and Educators’ Guide. Both booklets are available in English only at present, but other languages will be available starting with Urdu, Arabic and Kurdish. Then Turkish, Farsi, and Azerbaijani.

Download the secondary school course, What are Human Rights? from Youth for Human Rights International. This course has ready-made lesson plans for teachers and home schoolers. It has been professionally translated into Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi, and Urdu. Also coming soon are French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Chinese. Kurdish Kurmanji, Hindi and Bengali are in preparation. We work with groups to create community initiatives to improve the human rights in their country in order to resolve difficulties between countries, communities, and ethnicities.

Sign up free to study the online courseKnow Your Human Rights, and receive a certificate which qualifies you to deliver the PowerPoint workshops (coming soon) delivered to groups in their mother tongue, in person or by teleconference. The workshops can be done intensively in a day, in a week or in weekly sessions. We ask you to create links with schools and community groups to educate children about human rights. Use the elementary school booklets and secondary school course in human rights with Educator Manual and lesson plans from Youth for Human Rights International.

Explore our Arts and Sciences page (above) for a music course, English pronunciation, basic science courses that make sure you understand, and a very clever Maths dictionary for children. These are available in English only at the moment.

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