Be the Change and Take Action for Human Rights Today

Binod Sharma

Binod Sharma is an active human rights volunteer. He lives and works as a active humanitarian leader in Nepal. He has been working to educate people about the importance of knowing the human rights from 2009 during the period of civil war. He has also worked on human rights issues and has received the Human Right Hero Award in 2014. He was retained as a consultant for web-interface by WaterWorld and CostingNature from Imperial College London since 2016. In 2011, Sharma founded the Youth for Human Rights Campaign organisation in Nepal and educated thousands of young people about their rights and responsibility to share and uphold those rights to establish the peace and prosperity in Nepal. He has experience in the field of disaster response. In 2010 worked in flood disaster in India, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri-Lanka.

His professional experience in the field of Information Technology Specialist/Proposal Technical Support Team in Engineering Consultant Nepal (2008-2015). Sharma completed his degree in Bachelor of Business Studies (TU, 2005), and also pursued professional studies online in Ecology, Biodiversity, Human Rights and Population Studies with a course in Renewable Energy Sources. Sharma holds Bachelor of Computer Application from IGNOU University on 2014. He holds a diploma in International Legal Framework on the Protection of the Atmosphere, Diploma in International Environment Law and Governance, Diploma in Social Work and a Project Management degree. He continues to work in spreading awareness of Human Rights his region.