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Dr Mohammed Hussein Ahmed

Dr Mohammed Hussein Ahmed started his career as a teacher of English in schools (2000 to 2004) and rapidly progressed to be the head of English Department at the Universities of Sulaimani and Garmian (2004 to 2015). Between 2015 and 2018 he was the International relations officer at the office of the Minister of Higher Education.

He served as an Advisory Board member at the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal (Genocide) from 2014 to 2019, and since 2018 he has been the Director General and the Head of Apparatus of Supervision and Quality Assurance at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In parallel with his teaching and government roles, Mohammed has achieved a distinguished record of academic achievement, including a PhD in English Linguistics and Pragmatics from Sulaimani University in 2011, backed up by his record of research and writing.

This career developed against a background of political turbulence and wars, internal exile and periods in Iran as a refugee. He is married with three sons and speaks Kurdish (Native); Arabic, English and Farsi (Intermediate).