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Faisal Aziz

Faisal Aziz was born in 1970, in a world becoming engulfed in a major shift in Iraq’s history in which great economic, political and social challenges began to impact its people. As a Kurdish person he has faced many challenges from wars to mass poverty caused by embargoes on Iraq, but, even with these barriers, he was able to complete his education and achieve a degree in nursing. He then started work as a hospital nurse but also worked in the pharmacy and in administration and, later, ran a small village hospital to help people who would not be able to access medical services in the general hospital.

Faisal’s political career began while he was at university by setting up a student union, taking charge of the organisation and creating social events. After university, and starting work, he became more active in his political career. Initially, he organised social events and moved on to management and creation of political media and broadcasting, as well as managing and organising meetings and finance. As the political situation in Iraq continued to deteriorate, he left in 2002 and arrived in the UK in 2003 where he returned to university and studied politics at the University of Greenwich. He continued his political life here to foster a Kurdish community.

Since arriving in the UK, Faisal has participated in hundreds conferences, receptions, meetings and delegations related to Kurdish, Iraqi and mixed background communities. In June 2014, he returned to Solaymaniya and was elected as a Councillor until November, 2017. During that time he served as Chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs, Deputy Chairman of the Community Relations Committee and was a member of two other committees.

After a long and challenging life journey, he wants to work for a cause that will allow him to work towards the betterment of this world and humanity.