Human Rights Themes – Click on each theme to see the rights

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  • Dignity and respect
  • Equality
  • Legal protection of rights
  • Understanding human rights
  • Teaching and education

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1. We are all born free and equal

2. No discrimination

3. The right to life

4. No slavery, forced labour or bonded labour

5. No torture, abuse or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

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6. Right to recognition as a person before the law

7. Equal protection of the law

8. Effective legal remedy

9. Arrest, detention or exile

10. Right to a fair trial

11. Presumption of innocence

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12. Privacy and reputation

13. Freedom of movement

14. Right to asylum

15. Right to a nationality

16. Right to marriage and family

17. Right to own your own things

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18. Freedom of religion or belief

19. Freedom of expression

20. Freedom of assembly

21. Right to take part in public affairs

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22. Right to social and economic security

23. Right to work and equal pay

24. Right to rest and leisure

25. Right to an adequate standard of living

26. Right to education

27. Right to take part in cultural activities

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28. Right to a free and fair world

29. Duty to your community – right to know your rights, duty to share knowledge of rights with others

30. Rights cannot be taken away from you, and none of the rights can be used to justify violating any other right

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