Be the Change and Take Action for Human Rights Today

You do have human rights

We all have human rights

Human rights are rights we have just because we are human.  They are inherent in every one of us, an expression of our innate human dignity. We all have an instinctive sense of justice and fair play where our own rights are concerned.  We know when our rights are being violated, even in very subtle ways. But to make sure our rights are protected other people must know what the human rights are. 

From this website you can learn the 30 human rights agreed by the nations of the world in 1948 and published as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Each of these rights is also a responsibility to respect that right in others. The rights are like the glue that holds society together.  They give expression to human dignity for all of us, so the best way to protect your human rights is to learn them and share them with others.

We teach people young and old about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What do the words mean? Universal means they apply to everybody. We all have the same human rights, and a declaration is a statement made public. We tell everyone they have rights and that those rights are for all people.

We show those with power how to protect the weaker and more vulnerable people in society and empower the less powerful with knowledge of their human rights and of how to share that knowledge with others.

Who needs to know human rights?

Human rights education is a vital tool for survival in troubled times, in conflict zones and in countries where human rights are not respected. Even in less violent situations, some groups in particular need the protection of human rights education.

These are all violations of human rights and we should all be educated about them. Violations of human rights for anyone threaten the human rights of everyone.

Although these groups are mostly made up of young people, it is adults who are the main perpetrators and have the main responsibility for safeguarding and child protection. Education on human rights will greatly help to correct problems in society as well as preventing them from recurring. Human rights education improves mutual understanding and social cohesion.