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Human Rights for Younger Children

Please note: illustrations are being prepared for the final version of the UDHR for Younger Children. This version will be replace when the final version if ready.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

for Younger Children 7 years old to 12


This is currently being illustrated and translated with culturally sensitive versions of the illustrations.


Human Rights


What is a Human Right?


People have been terrible to each other in the past, having wars and hurting each-other. Human Rights are rules, which everyone shares, about how to treat people.


Why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?


Universal means for everyone, all the people.


Declaration means to say or decide something and tell everybody.


So, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is all the rules for people to treat each other fairly.


It was created after the Second World War when countries got together and agreed never to do anything so terrible again.


They are your rights too, you should be treated fairly, and you should make sure your friends know the rules too.


So that you understand and can help people to be kind to each other you should learn as much as you can in school and about life and be able to tell people about human rights.


Here are your rights:


1.You are important. That means you matter. You should be treated with love and respect and you should always treat other people the same way. We are all equal. That means we should all be treated well.
2.It doesn’t matter where you are born, who your family is, what colour skin you have or whether you are a boy or a girl. Everyone should be treated with the same care and respect.
3.No one should bully you or make you feel unsafe. You have a right to feel safe and secure.
4.No one has the right to own another person. You should be free to live your own life and play and work together to learn what you need to have a good life.
5.No one should bully you at home, around where you live, at school or online.
6.Wherever you go you should have the same rights.
7.The rules should apply to everyone in the same way
8.If you are being treated unfairly you should be able to go to someone and get help.
9.The person you go to should apply the rules in the same way to everybody.
10.You should not be sent out of class or punished just because the teacher or other adult is in a bad mood.


11.You should not be made wrong or punished until all the facts are known and understood about a situation. You should be able to talk to the other people to make it right.
12.You have a right to keep your personal things private. No one should say nasty things about you behind your back or be horrible to you on social media.
13.You have a right to move around freely and be safe.
14.If life is dangerous in the country where you live you have the right to go to another country where you will be safe.
15.Everyone has a right to belong to a country so they can say they are British or Greek or Jordanian or Nigerian.
16.You have a right to have a special friend and when you are older you might like to live with your special friend and have children.
17.Your own things are yours and you have a right to them. Other people also have a right have their own things. You can also learn to share your things with other people if you want to.
18.You have a right to believe what you believe and think your own thoughts. It is not OK for someone to make you wrong for your ideas.
19.You have the right to say what you think as long as you don’t make someone wrong for what they believe or say.
20.You have a right to spend time with your friends as part of your family life. No one should make you be part of a group you don’t want to join.
21.You have a right to help make decisions about what happens in your life.
22.You have a right to be taken care of and kept safe and well so you can grow up feeling you are a valuable and useful person.
23.You have a right to contribute to your family activities and to be appreciated for what you do. You should not be made to work rather than going to school.
24.You have a right to play as well as work and learn.
25.You should have enough healthy food so your body grows up fit and strong. You have the right to somewhere to live that protects you from the weather.
26.You have a right to learn all the things you need to know to be a happy and contributing person in your community.
27.You have a right to your own ideas and no one should say your ideas are theirs. You have a right to share in the social and cultural activities of your family and community.
28.The community we live in has rights too and we should contribute to the success and happiness of all the other people we know as well as those we don’t know.


29.One way we can do this is to tell our friends about these human rights.

30.All these rights are important and should all be respected by everybody.