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Identity And Location Rights

12. Privacy and reputation

No‐one has the right to intrude in your private life or interfere with your home and family without good reason. No‐one has the right to attack your good name without reason.

13. Freedom of movement

You have the right to freedom of movement within your country. Everyone has the right to leave a country and to return home.

14. Right to asylum

You have the right to seek and to enjoy asylum from persecution in other countries. You may not invoke this right if fleeing just laws in your own country.

15. Right to a nationality

You have the right to have a nationality. 

16. Right to marriage and family

You have the right to marry and to raise a family. Men and women have the same rights when they are separated as when they are married. Early and forced marriage is a human rights violation. 

17. Right to own your own things

You have the right to own property and it cannot randomly be taken away from you.

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