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Kefale Alemu

Kefale is an Environmental and Agricultural Scientist and professional researcher with advanced IT skills. In Ethiopia, he provides technical support based on Participatory Research for farmers and researchers helping Farmers to get affordable and appropriate technology rather than theoretical. He designed and carried out biological pest control trials on farmers’ fields and identified a natural pest control option for Sweet potato and other crops.

In Ethiopia he train Government & NGO officials on “Participatory Research Approaches” at both grass root and regional levels and carries out research on Sweet Potato, Enset, Cotton and other field crops.He has supported the farming community by identifying agricultural constraints & by producing research papers, technical pamphlets, by organising Farmers Seminars (visits), & conferences. He Managed the Southern Ethiopian Region Farmers’ Research Project which identified problems of crop production & carried out on farm trials to tackle the problems.

Using farmers’ indigenous technical knowledge, he has identified production constraints and produced useful recommendations. His publications have been presented at international & local workshops and conferences. Kefale has an MSc in Environment and Development from University of East Anglia, Norwich (U.K) & an MSc Degree in Agronomy from Tashkent Agricultural Institute, Uzbekistan (former USSR)

Kefale is also active in promoting Human Rights in the UK for the refugee communities and British residents. He lectures at the College of North West London onComputing integrated with English and has developed Lesson Plans and schemes of work, also carries out assessments on students and provides tutorial support.

Languages: English Excellent. Amharic Excellent. Russian Very good.