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Mounir el Khoury

Entrepreneur and CEO of internationally based Market Key, Mounir El Khoury hails from Beirut, Lebanon.

As the second son in a family of six. Mounir El Khoury’s childhood was shaped by conflicts his family experienced during Lebanon’s civil war. Despite growing up in an era of conflict, he had the ambition to participate in the world of business from an early age. His excellent academic accomplishments, inquisitive outlook, and interest in the world around him gave birth to El Khoury’s entrepreneurial spirit.

El Khoury realised his dream and tested it by executing small-scale business deals, designing and selling private label menswear collections during summer vacations during Middle School. Small profits in business convinced El Khoury to major in Business Marketing at university.

The avenues open to him from his high grades combined with parental preference for education in the more traditional fields of Medicine or Law challenged the young businessperson’s determination without success. At the age of 17, El Khoury co-founded Market Key with his brother in Beirut, Lebanon; the next year, he enrolled at Notre Dame University of Lebanon and by 25, had completed the University’s degree with a double major in Business Marketing and Advertising. He quickly joined the Masters program of the American University of Beirut majoring in International Law and Diplomacy.

Determined to position Market Key as a leading international management consultancy and solutions company, El Khoury strategized the company’s business expertise to emphasize Management consultancy & Solutions, Human resources management and solutions, Exhibitions and Events, and Publishing. Complementing twenty-five years of outstanding accomplishments in Market-Key’s original channels, El Khoury, ever the entrepreneur, expanded his original business model to embrace an additional niche stream of training programs in collaboration with the Florida-based International Institute of Modern Butlers (IIMB) as a Partner.  El Khoury states: With IIMB, Market-Key has deepened and extended its services for employers and job seekers.

El Khoury manages four Market-Key-owned offices in Beirut, Dubai, Doha, and Florida, along with setting annual goals and standards for the company’s 21 additional offices and affiliates throughout the world. In opening the Florida office, El Khoury added green initiatives for the hospitality industry, with the Florida office coordinating this international program in collaboration with Market-Key’s head office.

Happily married with two boys living in Beirut, Lebanon.