Be the Change and Take Action for Human Rights Today

Ms Fareeha Ajaz

Ms. Fareeha Ajaz has been working as Deputy Director Legislation with the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan. Having LLM in Human Rights, her main focus has been to bring difference in the lives of people by safeguarding their fundamental rights as a human rights lawyer and course instructor at various forums. She endeavoured to protect the citizens of Pakistan who have been victims of discrimination, abuse, harassment, violence and disparity through her legislative drafting and seminars. Her significant achievements are to work for the Research Society of International Law (RSIL) for the formulation of International treaties meant to promote and shelter the human rights in our nation under the UN charter. During her present job for the last six years, she has been working to legislate laws in the public interest for the promotion of health, education and elimination of gender discrimination issues in Punjab.