Human Rights and

 Pilot Project Human Rights Education in schools Erbil and Suly in Kurdish Region of Iraq    
 Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education and Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq    
 Project Duration: 8 Months    
 Budget Currency: GBP    
 Budget Total£903,062   
#NAME?Overall cost Summary    
 CategoryCost CostCost  
  £US$ € 
    @1.40 rate @1.15 rate 
APreliminary visit34,59048,42639,779 
BCore costs64,09089,72673,704 
CCapital costs27,00037,80031,050 
DOperational costs379,785531,699436,753 
EStaff costs292,000408,800335,800 
FMonitoring, evaluation, reporting and translation of outcomes23,50032,90027,025 
Subtotal 820,9651,149,351944,110 
ZContingencies at 10%82,097114,93594,411 
Total 903,0621,264,2861,038,521 
Costs for preliminary visit     
 ItemDetailsUnit costQtyTotal Cost (£)
A1Return airfares London – XXXX London 1,60023,200
A2Return airfare XXXX XXXX to London (Project assistant/videographer) 8001800
A3Travel insurance for whole project (Five key personnel) 9,70019,700
A4Project design and prep and prelim visit Lord McNair 10,000110,000
A5Project design and prep and prelim visit [Country Director] 8,00018,000
A6Stipend Project assistant/videographer 1,50011,500
A7Hotel for 9 nights 1006600
A8Food for nine days 656390
A9Driver and car 9 days  2002400
Total    34,590
Core Costs – Transport, accommodation, subsistence, logistics – 8 month project         
 Item Unit Cost (£)QtyTotal Cost (£)
B1Return airfares London – Erbil London 80054,000
B2Return airfares XXXX XXXX to London 80032,400
B3Excess baggage charges 2001200
B4Villa/Apartment rental x 2 per month 5,000840,000
B5Food for project personnel (at villa) p. month XXXX and/or YYYY 2,000816,000
B7Telecoms equipment purchase/ installation and monthlyTotal1,49011,490
Total    64,090
Operational Costs     
 Item Unit Cost (£)QtyTotal Cost (£)
C1Training space [XXXX] University 2 weeks  5,00015,000
C2Training space [XXX] University 2 weeks  5,00015,000
C3Per diem (incl travel and food) for trainees 100141,400
C4Materials for training trainers 25125
C5Return airfares Cancun, Mexico to London 80021,600
C6Seven months’ salary for 14 community based trainers at £2,000 per month  28,0007196,000
C7Local transport to schools for trainees per day for 150 days 150142,100
C8Kurdish Sorani social media platform set up and graphic design 1,00011,000
C9Social media management and posting in Kurdish 600127,200
C10Translation of social media posts into Arabic and posting them 300123,600
C11Payments to schools per workshop 1001,248124,800
C11Phone and internet costs 1,94011,940
C12Zoom conferencing 158120
C13Translation of human rights education materials into Kurdish and Arabic 30,000130,000
Total    379,785
Capital costs     
 Item Unit Cost (£)QtyTotal Cost (£)
D1DSLR camera set up with tripod, lights etc 5,00015,000
D2Tablet computers (check: if we have projector and thumb drive, do we need the tablet computer?) 4520900
D3Projector (retail price) 3520700
D4Portable speakers (retail price) 1520300
D5Thumb drives with presentation for the trainers 520100
D6Furniture 10,000110,000
D7Computer equipment 10,000110,000
Total    27,000
Staff costs     
 ItemDetailsUnit Cost (£)QtyTotal Cost (£)
E1Stipend Project Director 6,000848,000
E2Stipend Country Director 4,500836,000
E3Stipend Project Asst/Videographer x 3 visits of 2 weeks 1,750814,000
E4Stipend KRG Government liaison] internal support and liaison KRI 4,500836,000
E5Stipend [Iraqi Government for monitoring and expansion to Iraq] 2,500820,000
E6Project Accountant 2,500820,000
E7Legal support (UK)  10
E8Accounts support (UK) 2,500410,000
E9Documentation 2,500820,000
E10Film Archive 2,500820,000
E11Driver with car 8 months 2,500820,000
E12Clerk 1,500812,000
E13Clerk 1,500812,000
E14Cook/cleaner/laundry 50084,000
E15Security (1 person in [XXXX], 1 in [XXXX], resident at each villa) 1,00088,000
E16IT and video technician  1,500812,000
Total    292,000
Costs for monitoring, evaluation, reporting, translation of outcomes     
 Item Unit costQtyTotals
F1[XXXX] University monitoring and Evaluation 5,00015,000
F2[XXXX] University monitoring and Evaluation 5,00015,000
F3[XXX] University in collaboration with [XXXX] College 7,00017,000
F4Audit 1,50011,500
F5Translation 5,00015,000
Total    23,500

Peace Education in Mogadishu, Somali

Numbers of schools, teachers and pupils

This is a table of schools, teachers and pupils for introducing human rights education into the schools in Mogadishu.


Lower Primary

6 to 10 years

Upper Primary        11 to 14 years


Age 15 to 18



Student numbers





Teacher numbers





School numbers





No. of one day Workshops (Teachers divided by 15 )





No. of community based trainers  (No. of one day workshops divided by 30 workshops per trainer – two months  plus training)





Course delivered



Illustrated booklet with Educator’s Guide in Somali

Illustrated booklet in Somali or What are Human Rights? in English – Lesson plans and Teacher’s Manual?

What are Human Rights? course in English – Lesson plans and Teacher’s Manual

Online course in Somali