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Yodith Gideon

Yodith Gideon is the Founder and Director of the Stop Amhara Genocide Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating discrimination and massacres of the Amhara people in Ethiopia. Her work involves devising advocacy priorities and strategies, identifying advocacy opportunities, and undertaking lobbying and advocacy directed at influencing governments, intergovernmental organizations, and human rights bodies and experts. She undertakes research and analysis and prepares reports and publications on the Amhara Genocide, as well as acting as a spokesperson for the Stop Amhara Genocide Association where appropriate, including through the preparation of statements and media releases and representing Stop Amhara Genocide on panels and at events. Yodith establishes and maintains effective working relationships with key partners and interlocutors, including NGOs, governments, intergovernmental organizations, human rights bodies and experts, journalists, and funders.

During her time in Mercy Ships, she developed relationships with foundations and large funding partners in the French-speaking regions of Switzerland and created and developed a community of faith network with local churches and faith-based clubs in the same region.

In addition to her work with Stop Amhara Genocide and Mercy Ships, Yodith has a background in hands-on support for digital marketing, customer retention and improvement of sales funnels, lead generation, and AB testing. She is an expert in digital community development strategy and social media management, content creation (image, video, text), and developing dynamic business strategies to accelerate revenue for SMEs.She was also a financial advisor for MyProject, where she conducted in-depth reviews of clients’ financial circumstances, current provisions and future aims, analyzed information and prepared plans best suited to individual clients’ requirements, completed risk analyses, researched the marketplace and provided clients with information on new and existing products and services. She designed financial strategies and assisted clients to make informed decisions.