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Social Needs And Development Rights

The social rights in this group may not be possible in your country as they are in countries with developed economies, but traditional societies often have family and social structures that can be developed to create mutual support networks and encourage independence and entrepreneurship.

22. Right to social and economic security
As a member of society, you have a right to social security.

23. Right to work and equal pay
You have the right to work, to good working conditions, to equal pay for equal work and to form and join unions.

24. Right to rest and leisure
You have the right to rest from work and enjoy leisure.

25. Right to an adequate standard of living
You have the right to a decent life, including enough food, clothing, housing, medical care and social services.

26. Right to education
You have the right to an education and the right to have human rights education.

27. Right to take part in cultural activities
You have the right to benefit from your own creation.

No‐one may stop you from participating in the cultural life of your community or from benefitting from advancements in science.

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